Composing An A+ Research Paper About Global Warming

Global warming is a serious topic. In some cases, it is a controversial one since some believe that economic growth outranks environmental protection. When you must write about this subject, choosing the right topic can help you get a high grade. Here are some topics that can leave an impact and that will help you get an A+ on your research paper about global warming.

  1. The Discovery of Global Warming- How was global warming discovered and how has it been proven since?
  2. Forests and Global Warming- Does cutting down forests effect global warming? How?
  3. Toxic Waste and the Environment- What toxic wastes are commonly introduced into the environment and how are they harmful?
  4. An Analysis of Environmental Policies- What policies are currently in place to help the environment? Do you think they are effective?
  5. Air Pollution, Big Cities, and Health- Is there any relationship between respiratory and other health problems and living in a big city with high levels of pollution?
  6. Possible Solutions to Global Warming- Consider what can be done to practically reduce global warming.
  7. Disposables, Convenience, and Global Warming- We live in a convenience-centered world where disposable things like water bottles, Styrofoam plates, and more are littered into the environment. Would giving up convenience be worth it for the health of the planet?
  8. Economics vs. Global Warming- Do you think it is right to sacrifice the health of the planet for increased economic growth? Why or why not?
  9. The Media and Global Warming- Do you think the media addresses global warming enough? How can people grab the media’s attention?
  10. Causes of Climate Change- Are humans the only source of climate change? Discuss.

Other Considerations for Your Global Warming Research Paper

In addition to having a great topic, there are a few other things to keep in mind as you compose your paper. You should always use facts instead of opinions to reinforce your thesis. If you do use an opinion, support it with facts. Additionally, be sure that all the information included is relevant to your thesis. These things will keep you on track to getting an A+ on your paper.

Global warming is a popular topic because of the controversy that surrounds it. Often, choosing the right topic and putting in the work to cite factual information to prove your thesis will result in an A+ research paper.