Easy Tips For Crafting A Research Paper On Obesity & Poverty

Obesity and poverty are two huge issues around the world. In many Western countries, in particular, obesity is a pandemic, with large portions of the population classified as obese. Poverty is also rising in many of these countries, and in many lesser-developed countries huge swathes of the population live in abject poverty. As such, there is a plethora of sources that you can include in your paper that will ensure your success.


A widespread mistake that many students make, when composing their papers, is that they just include their research without further analysis. This does not earn you many marks, it is the analysis backed up with evidence that propels you to success in your work.

You need to analyze the source that you are using to backup your claim. This means answering questions such as the research method undertaken, if there could be any improvements to the method and how reliable the source is.


There are many places you can utilize to get sources from to use in your paper. Due to how widespread both obesity and poverty are, you can definitely incorporate many news articles on the subject. These will usually be new stories detailing the latest developments in obesity and poverty. For example, if there is a rise in obesity or poverty in the population. You need to make sure that the news stories you cite come from reputable sources.

You can also use empirical studies in your paper, and this is probably the best type of source to implement. The best way to find these studies is through an academic journal focused on both health and poverty. You can find these through a simple search engine query.

Using statistics is also important in your paper, as these will greatly back up your argument. Many government agencies around the world collect statistics on their own population, which dictates their policies going forward. These are almost always available to the public and you should be able to see them.

Many charities will also have some vital statistics for overall poverty around the world that you should be able to find online.

As you can see, to produce a great research paper, you need to implement great analysis and include reputable sources in your work. These are the two crucial aspects synonymous with all papers that are graded highly. We hope that you can utilize our tips to compose a great piece of writing.