How To Create A Decent Research Paper Outline In Nursing

Are you a student in the nursing field? If that is the case, you will have to learn how to write research papers. This is a common assignment that you cannot avoid. So, where do you start? When developing your research paper outline, preparation and planning is very important. You need to be sure of the resources you need to excel in your writing. So, how do you establish the path towards the creation of a high quality paper outline? An outline is a very important part of your writing exercise. It is the guide that you need to develop a high quality nursing paper. Here is how to create a good outline:

  1. Identify study gaps: Prior to settling on what to write about in nursing, see what others have done in the past. Your outline should be based on a good topic. The quality of your topic is determined through its ability to provide an answer to a pending matter at the end of your writing. Therefore, the topic will be a very important thing to focus on before writing the outline.
  2. Outline format: obviously, identify and write your topic at the top. This should be followed by a thesis statement. A thesis statement is ideally a statement that defines the position taken by your research paper. It needs to be part of the outline. All other items will then be developed around this one specific item.
  3. List key points in your nursing topic: what important aspects are useful in developing the aim and objectives of your research paper? List them and provide a brief description of each. Make it brief and to the point. Other details will be covered in the development of the main content. Remember this is just an outline. Therefore, it is important to keep it short and still communicate the objectives of your paper.
  4. Study approach. List this item in your outline. Explain the approach you will use to write your paper. This is a very important part of your final paper writing and therefore, it should be well-stated in your paper.

Nursing is a multifaceted subject and has many areas to study about. If you want to make a successful nursing outline for your research paper, avoid making generalities. Study different facets and point out a specific issue to study about. This should be your main focus towards the development of a high quality nursing outline.