The Key To Composing A Research Paper In Social Sciences

Writing a high quality research paper is the dream of every student. Everyone is looking for good grades and this cannot be achieved without proper writing. Different papers have different requirements and it is important to stick to them if you want to excel in writing your assignments. Social sciences have specific requirements and these may include the style of formatting. Are you a student in this field and need help writing a social sciences paper? Well, here is a simple guideline to follow:-

  • Choose your topic:
  • Based on a careful and thorough research, make sure that you make a good choice of topic in social sciences. Choosing a topic will require you to review both past and present literature and highlight gaps that have been left out in previous research. Make sure that the topic is unique and not too general.

  • Adept Research
  • To be knowledgeable in your area of writing, it is very important to read widely and consult professionals in the field. For anyone to be able to write seamlessly and coherently without much trouble, getting a thorough knowledge of the topic will be very useful. Ensure that you have a list of materials to check before you can start writing your paper.

  • Draw an outline
  • What things would you want to cover? What is your thesis statement? All these must be drafted in an outline to guide you during your final writing. Don’t get started until you have highlighted the main sections and points of your research paper. Begin with the introduction and towards the end of the introductory paragraph, make sure you state what your paper will talk about. This will be your thesis statement.

  • Citation and references
  • To enhance credibility in research, students are required to correctly cite and reference their work appropriately. Writing styles come with different formats and therefore, it is important for students to ensure that this requirement is met before submitting their work. Most of these things will not be taught in class and therefore, the student should in their own study learn how to do this.

  • Conclusion
  • Ideally, your paper will have three main areas: introduction, body and conclusion. However, you could also include sub-sections to make your paper well organized. For the conclusion part, give a summary of the key points and re-state the thesis statement. It will be important for you to show how research supports your argument!