The Most Challenging Research Paper Topics On Tourism

It is very tough for the students in their final years to write a good research paper on tourism. Finding nice hospitality topics is itself a cumbersome task because if your topic isn’t able to grab the attention of the reader then it is of no use. A topic should be so much reflective that it should alone show the illustration of whatever is carried in the complete paper. For choosing a suitable topic the students should first themselves search for the topic on the Internet then identify their interest and choose the one which satisfies their own interest first. If you don’t like the topic then you won’t be able to make it catchy enough for the readers to read it. Hence, always choose the topic on which you can work for a long time.


Tourism can be subdivided or branched in many types and one of them is Ecotourism. Ecotourism basically is the type of tourism that mainly includes the social and ecological concerns. Ecotourism is also known as ecological tourism. The reason for mentioning the specific type of tourism lies in the fact that our ability can come out most when we enjoy. So, defining such a branch of tourism, which teaches the peaceful coexistence of human in the planet, might attract you towards it and you could find a good topic on this specific subject or theme of tourism. The topic on which you can write well can be “Perception of eco-tourism through the eye of planet earth”, Ecotourism a blessing”, Development in the economy due to ecotourism”, “A new way of hospitality” etc. So, according to your own interest, you can craft an excellent topic reflecting tourism and hospitality.

Dark Tourism

Grief tourism or dark tourism basically involves the visiting of the site that is associated mainly with suffering and death. Now, you might be thinking that why anybody wants to travel such sites that are in dark and associated to things that everyone wants to avoid in their own life. Well! The dark places here are the locations of the disaster like Nepal, Thailand where much big natural disaster stroked and made a tremendous change. Many archeologists, scholar prefers to go such places. Hence, like eco-tourism, it is also a special tourism type. The topic on such theme can be “Dark place and the profit”, ” The bright side of dark zone” etc. Similarly, you can choose a topic on leisure tourism and much more.